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8 Hour Sleep Music

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Max Richter (; German: [ˈʀɪçtɐ]; born 22 March 1966) is a West German-born British composer who has been an influential voice in post-minimalist composition and in the meeting of contemporary classical and alternative popular musical styles since the early 2000s. Richter is classically trained, having graduated in composition from the Royal Academy of Music and studied with Luciano Berio in Italy. Richter is known for his prolific output: composing and recording his own music; writing for stage, opera, ballet and screen; producing and collaborating on the records of others; and collaborating with performance, installation and media artists. He has recorded eight solo albums and his music is widely used in cinema.

  1. 8 Hour Sleep Music for Babies, Calming Music, Peaceful Music, Sleep Relaxation, Meditation ✿3085C Mp3
  2. Duration: 8:00:00

  3. Sleeping Music, Calming Music, Music for Stress Relief, Relaxation Music, 8 Hour Sleep Music, ☯3257 Mp3
  4. Duration: 8:00:00

  5. 8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation, ☯159 Mp3
  6. Duration: 7:59:30

  7. Music for Sleeping, Insomnia, Peaceful Music, Sleep Meditation, Stress Relief Music, 8 Hours, ☯3431 Mp3
  8. Duration: 8:00:00

  9. Calming Soothing Sleeping Music,Piano Relaxation Tranquility 24/7 -Yoga, Meditation, Study Mp3

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