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Beer For My Horses Toby Keith Duet With Willie Nelson

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"Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other" (1981) is a song by Latin country musician Ned Sublette, whose music, according to Howard Cohen, features a "lilting West Texas waltz (3/4 time at about 60–90 beats per minute) feel". It is, according to Gene Tyranny, "the famous gay cowboy song". The lyrics satirize the stereotypes associated with cowboys and gay men, such as in the lyrics relating western wear to the leather subculture with the line: "What did you think all them saddles and boots was about?" Country musician Willie Nelson's cover (iTunes single 14 February 2006) is the first LGBT-themed mainstream country song by a major artist. The song has been recorded and released by Sublette (GPS: Life is a Killer 1982), Canadian alternative country band Lost Dakotas (Cargo: Sun Machine, 1993), and queercore band Pansy Division (Lookout: Pile Up 1995).

  1. Toby Keith - Beer For My Horses ft. Willie Nelson Mp3
  2. Duration: 5:24

  3. Mix - Toby Keith - Beer For My Horses ft. Willie Nelson Mp3
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  5. Willie Nelson / Toby Keith- Beer For My Horses Mp3
  6. Duration: 3:38

  7. Beer for my horsesToby Keith & Willie Nelson Mp3
  8. Duration: 3:30

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  10. Duration: 3:33

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