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Camila Cabello Confused Over Ariana Engagement

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Sophie Xeon, mononymously known by her stage name SOPHIE, is a Los Angeles-based Scottish record producer, singer, songwriter, and DJ. Known for her synthesized and "hyperkinetic" take on pop music, she came to prominence with singles such as "Bipp" (2013) and "Lemonade" (2014). Her compilation Product was released in 2015, and the debut album Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides followed in 2018. She has worked closely with artists from the PC Music label, including A.G. Cook and QT, and has produced for acts such as Madonna, Charli XCX, Vince Staples, Let's Eat Grandma, and Namie Amuro.

  1. Camila Cabello CONFUSED Over Ariana Engagement! Mp3
  2. Duration: 2:32

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  7. Pete Davidson's Exes REACT To Ariana Grande Engagement News Mp3
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  9. Ariana Grande ENGAGED To Pete Davidson! Mp3
  10. Duration: 2:46

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