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Chris Stapleton I Want Love Audio

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Daniel Dodd "Dan" Wilson (born May 20, 1961) is a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and visual artist. His songwriting resume includes "Closing Time", which he wrote for his band, Semisonic, "Not Ready to Make Nice" (co-written with the Dixie Chicks) and "Someone like You" (co-written with Adele). He earned a Grammy nomination for “Closing Time” (Best Rock Song) and won Grammys for Song of the Year (“Not Ready to Make Nice” in 2007) and Album of the Year (which he won in 2012 as one of the producers of Adele’s 21). In addition to being the leader of Semisonic, Wilson has released several solo recordings, including the 2017 release Re-Covered. He was also a member of the Minneapolis psychedelic rock band Trip Shakespeare.

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  2. Duration: 4:34

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