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Coldplay Ahfod

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Pilar Zeta is an Argentinean artist, graphic designer, and fashion designer best known for her surrealist album covers. She made the collage and Flower of Life image which Coldplay used to promote their album A Head Full of Dreams. Based in Los Angeles, California, she has designed album covers for labels such as Island Records, Big Beat Records, Ultramajic, Get Physical, Visionquest, and Fool's Gold Records, many of which are associated with electronic dance music. Todd Burns of Resident Advisor wrote in October 2012 that "Zeta has created some of the most distinctive electronic music design of the past few years." In 2013 she founded the record label Ultramajic with DJ and producer Jimmy Edgar, designing many of the company's album covers.

  1. COLDPLAY - AHFOD Tour Full Concert 720p (Great Audio Dolby Digital) Mp3
  2. Duration: 1:53:45

  3. Coldplay Live - 2017. 08 A Head Full of Dreams Tour - Chicago Mp3
  4. Duration: 2:00:22

  5. Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams (Official Video) Mp3
  6. Duration: 5:00

  7. Coldplay live-2016Glastonbury festival , A Head Full of Dreams tour Mp3
  8. Duration: 1:47:24

  9. Coldplay| AHFOD Tour | Full Show | Nov 2017 Mp3
  10. Duration: 1:53:30

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