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Do You Know Da Wae Song

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Be.A (Hangul: 비에이, shortened from Be. A rtist or Be an Artist; formerly known as K-Much) is a South Korean boy band formed under Chrome Entertainment in 2014. They debuted on 7 January 2014 as K-Much with the release of their first mini album Beyond the Ocean. The group currently consists of five members: Hong-gyu, Yeong-kyun, Milly, Ato and BomB. Although the group's English name had always been K-Much, their original Korean name was Gamulchi (가물치), which translates to "snakehead". The snakehead fish is a popular health food in Korea, and symbolizes longevity. In August 2014, the Korean name of the group was changed to K-Much (케이머치) to match the group's English name, but it was changed again in February 2017 to Be.A.

  1. Do You Know Da Wae - (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Ft. Ugandan Knuckles | [1 Hour Version] Mp3
  2. Duration: 1:01:11

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  4. Duration: 2:24

  5. DO YOU KNOW DA WAE (Benji Kameya Trap Remix) Mp3
  6. Duration: 3:34

  8. Duration: 1:02:20

  9. VRChat Main Theme - Music Video Mp3
  10. Duration: 2:06

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