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Hold On My Heart Genesis

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The discography of the British band Genesis contains fifteen studio albums, six live albums, and a variety of box sets. They have sold around 21.5 million RIAA-certified albums in the United States and over 100 million worldwide. Genesis were formed by frontman Peter Gabriel, keyboardist Tony Banks, bassist / guitarist Mike Rutherford and guitarist Anthony Phillips at the British public school Charterhouse School, where they drew on contemporary pop, soul, classical and church music influences to write their own songs. They attracted the interest of former pupil Jonathan King, who signed them to a contract in 1967. Following the failure of the first few singles, and an album, From Genesis to Revelation, the group split from King in 1969, signing with Charisma Records the following year. From then to 1974, Genesis released a studio album around once a year. The line-up stabilised in 1971 after Steve Hackett replaced Phillips and Phil Collins joined as a drummer. The group established commercial success in the UK with Foxtrot (1972), with the following year's Selling England by the Pound charting at No. 3. The group survived Gabriel's departure in 1975, releasing the top three album A Trick of the Tail the following year with Collins also becoming lead singer. Hackett left in 1977, reducing the group to a trio of Banks, Rutherford and Collins. They became more commercially successful in the 1980s and began to have hit singles, reaching a peak in with 1986's Invisible Touch and 1991's We Can't Dance which both topped the UK charts. After Collins left the band in 1996, the group released one more album, Calling All Stations, before disbanding. All of the group's work since signing to Charisma (since acquired by Virgin Records and then EMI) has been remastered and re-released, and is available on various compilations albums such as Turn It On Again: The Hits and Platinum Collection. The sole exception is From Genesis to Revelation, whose copyright is owned by King, which has been reissued several times independently to the rest of the band's releases.

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