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Taqat Watan Ki Hum Se Hai Manna Dey

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This following is a complete list of all the films Dharmendra has acted in. As per Box Office India, he holds the record of most number of hits in a career spanning for over 50 years.

  1. Taqat Watan Ki Humse HaI - Mohammed Rafi - Manna Dey - Prem Pujari [1970] Mp3
  2. Duration: 7:20

  3. taqat watan ki Mp3
  4. Duration: 4:58

  5. Prem PujariTaqat Watan Ki HumseMohd RafiManna DeyDev AnandIndian Patriotic Songs Mp3
  6. Duration: 3:59

  7. Taqat watan ki tumse hai (Rafi, Manna Dey) Mp3
  8. Duration: 7:35

  9. Prem Pujari (1970) Taquat Watan Ki Hum Seh Hai ! Pehrehdaar Himalayeh Keh ! Mp3
  10. Duration: 9:35

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