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Thyagaraju Keerthanalu

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Kakarla Tyagabrahmam (4 May 1767 – 6 January 1847) or Saint Tyagaraja, also known as Tyāgayya in Telugu, was one of the greatest composers of Carnatic music, a form of Indian classical music. He was a prolific composer and highly influential in the development of the classical music tradition. Tyagaraja and his contemporaries Syama Sastri and Muthuswami Dikshitar were regarded as the Trinity of modern Carnatic music. Tyagaraja composed thousands of devotional compositions, most in Telugu and in praise of Lord Rama, many of which remain popular today. Of special mention are five of his compositions called the Pancharatna Kritis (English: "five gems"), which are often sung in programs in his honour. Tyagaraja saw the reigns of four kings of Maratha dynasty — Tulaja II (1763-1787), Amarasimha (1787-1798), Serfoji II (1798-1832) and Sivaji II (1832-1855), although he served none of them.

  1. Thyagaraja Aradhana | Tyagaraja Keerthanalu | Tamil Devotional Songs Mp3
  2. Duration: 2:16:31

  3. Tyagaraja Sankeertana (Telugu Keerthanalu) Mp3
  4. Playlist

  5. Ramanamam Bhajare Vol 1 || Tyagaraja Keerthanalu || Lord Rama Telugu Devotional Songs Mp3
  6. Duration: 39:38

  7. Thyagaraja Pancharatna Krithis 7 || Dr M Balamuralikrishna || Carnatic Classical Mp3
  8. Duration: 1:01:02

  9. Pancharatna Krithis - Thiruvaiyaru Thyagaraja Aaradhana Mp3
  10. Duration: 52:21

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